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February 5, 2013
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Youtube Channel Art (One Channel) Templates 1.1 by PkGam Youtube Channel Art (One Channel) Templates 1.1 by PkGam
(You'll have to download the package to get the templates because the above image is NOT large enough to fit your One Channel.)

I updated the pack to conform to the new (and larger resolution) channel art guidelines found at: [link]. Channel Art made with the old templates still work just fine, I just wanted to update these to follow their recommended resolution.


Included in this package are:

A PNG Template
A GIMP project file template
A Photoshop project file template
A readme and an explanation/preview image for deviantArt



The Youtube "One Channel" design gives you little in terms of customization. The idea is to create a single image the size of the entire template. The gray and black areas in the center horizontal strip will be the only area most will see though.

The black "Always Visible" ares in the center is the spot where everyone will be able to see the image you made regardless of what device they look at your channel on. So everything important has to go in that area. Keep in mind though that Youtube scales your image down by like 50% so make sure that text, logos, etc... are bold enough to be seen when scaled down. Everything else outside the black area may or may not be visible by others depending on their resolution.

The translucent "Icon Overlay" and "Link Overlays" represent where your icon or links may be. They are dynamic based on the window size. The wider the screen, the further from the center they will be. So those areas are just to give you a general idea where they may end up. Take them into account just in case so you don't put anything there that can't be covered up by something, especially the parts that overlap the "always visible area". I exaggerated the link overlays area by extending it over the always visible area just to be safe, but remember that they will never be exact for you depending on how many social links you have there and how much you type in the link description of the link you choose to put up there (or have no link at all). Also note that your icon will have a slight shadow, so try not to go right up to the edge of it unless that benefits your design.

The "Tablets" range represents the width of what the typical tablet resolution will see. The same with the "Desktop Computers" area. They are exact to the specifications Youtube said they should be, but since that middle box is dynamic up until the border aside from on TVs, there are no real guidelines.

The white areas are the representation of the entire image that will only be able to be seen when people look at your channel on their TVs. Needless to say most people will not see those spots, but you do have to have those areas in your image or they won't let you use it.


Tips on creating channel art:

-Keep in mind that the template is just a loose guide since they scale the image anyway and the lines will never be exact as a result of their scaling. So keep important things or stuff that would mess up the composition in each sector like 2-4 pixels away from the edges of them, especially in the always visible area.

-Because the width of the center boxes are dynamic and always centered, your picture must be centered as well. Widescreen photos (meaning taken from a camera) work great for this as long as what you need to show is in the center.

-Horizontal composition across that center line is best because it'll look good at all widths.

-Having issues composing something? Try to make it abstract! Because an abstract style doesn't typically have any focal point, they can be looked at from any spot and still be appealing.

-If you want to put your name in the channel art somewhere but worry about not having enough room, a thing you could consider is putting your name in your channel icon instead because it always overlays the channel art anyway.


Enjoy creating your channel art!

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desertwind75 Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
PkGam Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
i've done my channel art but when i load it live, it looks super faded n almost washed out! what am i doing wrong? i saved it as a JPG maximum, 200% of size 2560x1440.
PkGam Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Faded and washed out? I don't really know what you mean because that has to do with colors so you might actually mean something else since enlarging a image shouldn't tweak the colors. Link me to your channel and I'll check it out.
pictures from my camera are too small for youtube channel art. What can I do?
PkGam Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You "might" be able to change the resolution your camera takes pictures at in the camera's settings to one above the recommended size. Otherwise you'll have to use a image editing program to enlarge your photo to the recommended size or larger.
legoxela9 Mar 14, 2013  Student Filmographer
It won't work for me it says its too small D:
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